New Conlang “Z’aveq”

This is the same language as previously mentioned in my last conlanging related post, although it has now been tentatively named.

My goal here is to create a language that looks superficially like the languages that sometimes appear in pulp science fiction, or other works that don’t put much effort into creating alien (or sometimes foreign human) languages, but that on closer inspection actually ends up being a reasonable conlang. Towards that end, the orthography will include a large number of apostrophes (more on what they indicate later), and will consist exclusively of ASCII characters used in ways more or less reminiscent of words that look exotic to English-speaking eyes.

At a more linguistic level, the language will not have much in the way of grammatical marking, although it will not be entirely analytic (there will be a fair bit of derivational morphology, although the full extent of this has yet to be determined). As discussed in the previous post, core syntactic categories will be indicated by word order (with prepositions picking up some of the slack when more than two core arguments are present), whereas tense, mood, and aspect will be indicated by a variety of particles. Voice will not exist as a grammatical category, although there will likely be valence-changing derivational affixes.

The language will employ a pitch accent, which will give rise to a couple of more complex tonal patterns at the surface level. This will likely be the only truly interesting high-level aspect of the phonology, as everything else will be fairly run-of-the-mill, although one should expect a post dedicated to phonology either next or in a couple of posts.

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